: Earthworms :

Friday, May 14, 2010

Earthworms are one of nature's wiggly wonders. Kids love to hold them in their hands.

They love to watch them move around and disappear magically into the dirt.

And kids love to discover the unseen; what goes on beneath the soil.

We filled a large jar (one that does not have ripples works better) full of moist soil. We gathered several earthworms from around our house and put them in the soil. We covered the jar and wrapped it tightly with a towel, safety pinning it. After a day or so, we unwrapped it and looked at all the trails and earthworms themselves. The boys thoroughly enjoyed watching what happens underground in the earthworm community.

Then Jared decided to take it a step further and sew a felt earthworm...it was his idea. So, I cut out two earthworm peices and he stitched away.


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