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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Yesterday, Jared and I made a 3-D paper tree, inspired by Ikat Bag. Truly, you can go to her website for the tutorial and several ideas for your tree, but I will go through the process anyway. By the way, her trees look a little nicer than ours. Again, my 4-year-old was making this.

First, we cut out a stand for the tree. Make sure the hole is big enough in the center to fit the rolled up paper tree securely when you tape your stand together.

Use 5 halves of construction paper cut in slits halfway down. These will be rolled up and taped one at a time. Roll the first one, then wrap the other ones around individually and tape.

Use a leaf template or hand draw leaves on different colors of green construction paper. Cut them out.

We made grass by cutting thin slits of the different construction papers and then crumpling them up.

We pulled each layer of rolled up tree slightly up to give a layered tall tree look. Then, we secured the tree inside the hole and taped it underneath.

We then glued the leaves on each branch, glued the grass to the base, and let it dry. Jared wanted to add a swing, so we used some cardboard from the cereal box and some string. He also wanted to make an owl hole, but we didn't get to it.

There are so many adaptations to this project. The possibilities are endless. You can add birds, nests, tire swings, owls, squirrels, utilize tissue paper for the grass or moss, use cardstock for the tree so it is more stiff... You can come up with your own ideas or check Ikat Bag's numerous alternatives. Enjoy!!


karen said...

what a great idea for an art project

Franklinznss said...

what a great idea for an art project

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