: Carrot Bread :

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

We love food. We love to cook. We love to bake. Our oldest had an itch to bake this last Sunday, so we decided to find something a little different than what we have made in the past (we love trying new things). We have made all sorts of bread creations and different carrot cake recipes in the past, but never have we tried carrot bread. He liked the idea, so we proceded with this recipe.

We changed the recipe a bit. We used almost half the amount of sugar, sliced almonds intead of pecans (it was all we had on hand), and vegetable oil instead of sesame oil (again, we just improvised). Well, actually, I should not be saying "we" when Luke did all of the work himself. I barely even helped him. We ate the whole loaf that day because it was so yummy! Thank you, Lukey!

There is nothing like warm bread fresh out of the oven. Try this recipe with your child. Or make a tradition of baking with your kids once a week. Children even under the age of 2 can pitch in with pouring, stirring, getting things for you, helping with clean up. So, get baking and don't be afraid to try new things. You just might discover something you really like and your kids will benefit in so many ways. Enjoy!


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