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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I thought the season for runny noses and coughs was past us, but apparently I was wrong. I swear, there is always a little one at preschool that gets everyone else sick. It is viscious cycle of their little bodies toughening up and building a strong immune system, which is not always fun when they are going through it. Nor is it fun for mommies and daddies who are going through it with their children. The only thing we can do is be as nurturing as possible and try to meet their needs the best we possibly can. So, last night I was looking to make a hankie for Jared, but I came across this article, Make Your Own No-Sew Eco-Friendly T-Shirt Tissues by Fun in the Making, and decided this was exactly what we needed. I followed her tutorial and Jared awoke this morning sniffling and delighted that he had his very own Mommy-made collection of colorful, soft tissues. His eyes lit up when he got to blow his nose for the first time.

I have kept several clothes from my own wardrobe that I was going to get rid of at the time, but I realized I could eventually figure out some good uses for these reusable fabrics. I found a few shirts and a pair of old flannel pajama bottoms. I measured 7 inch squares and came out with about 30 tissues that can easily be washed and quickly line or machine dried. There is no sewing necessary. I stacked the tissues up and placed them next to a recycled container (for discarding the used tissues).

These are great in preventing red, raw skin around the nose. Our skin always prefers natural cloth to disposable products. Your kids will love these and they are a great way to make them feel special and look forward to blowing their little noses. So, instead of sending off all of your garments to the thrift store, think about making some reusable tissues with quickness and ease. Your kids will thank you.


Anonymous said...

You discard the used tissued? Why don't you wash and reuse?

Jayme said...

Sorry I wasn't more clear. I meant the tissues that are dirty go into a nearby container for washing later and reusing once dry.

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