: Easter Entertainment :

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

We celebrated Easter Sunday quite frugally this year, to say the least. The boys decided to celebrate Easter and Spring by drawing pictures they related to that theme all over our driveway before it began to rain later in the day.
Balloons were a hit for all boys. Very sensorial for the little one, sciency for my middle man, and just plain fun to get crazy with or doing tricks with for my 10-year-old.
Each of the boys made nest eggs consisting of oatmeal cookies baked earlier in the morning, frosting, coconut, and jelly beans for the eggs. Also, they went out in the late morning and picked flowers. My oldest helped create a couple bouquets.
Of course, the Easter cliche :: Dying Easter Eggs. We mainly decorated them with crayons and then dyed them. There were assortments of peace signs, flowers, designs, faces, and so on.
Mmmmm!! What a healthy and sweet way to celebrate Spring! A fruit salad is super delicious and easy to prepare for anyone young or old. Just make sure those cute little hands are washed.
Naturally, we had an Easter egg hunt, as well. We also read some magical fairy-style Spring stories and bunny/duck stories. We went on a nature walk. We simply enjoyed the day and the pitter patter of the rain that ensued later in the day.


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