: Spring Flowers Garland :

Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring is a time of color, life, gardens, wildflowers.... Why not celebrate the very essense of the season with your little one. This project is a cheap way to entertain your kids and decorate your house for spring.


Green yarn of choice
3 to 6 bouquets of fake flowers


  1. Pluck each flower and leaves from the bouquets.

  2. Thread your needle with your yarn and get ready to start stringing.

  3. Take the center out of each flower individually as you get ready to string them onto the yarn.

  4. Push your needle through hole in the center and pull about 3 feet or more.

  5. Do the same with the leaves, alternating between flowers.

  6. Once you are done, cut the yarn to the desired length and tie both ends each in a loop so it can be easily hung.

  7. Separate the flowers evenly how ever you like.

  8. Hang it either verticly hanging or draped horizontally.


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