: Bookmarks = A Carton + Fabric :

Friday, April 30, 2010

There is a huge rave about the new Kindle, but I personally still prefer reading books. I like to hold the actual book itself and turn the pages and trace back by looking in the table of contents or the index..... I like books! But often times, I find myself refering to many books at one time and I can't always remember where I left off. So, I found this bookmark tutorial on Punkin Patterns, but I then decided to make it a little different, as I usually do.

Essentially, I used a rice milk carton and scrap fabric to sew up these bookmarks. I was able yield 6 long rectangles from one small carton and I cut pieces of fabric just a bit bigger than the rectangles themselves. I pinned everything in place and sewed a zigzag stitch around the perimeter. I trimmed the excess fabric and that is it. Note - my sewing was horrible this time around. Again, I am an amatuer and apparently lack common sense :) . I couldn't figure out why the bookmarks weren't moving through the feed, so I figured I just suck at sewing and manually tried to pull it through. Only until I was all done and getting ready to do a straight stitch did I realize I needed to make sure the teeth were up, so as to pull your fabric through. I then remembered that around Christmas time I was attempting to sew buttons, which is why the teeth were down. I have one word for myself....Duh. Yet still, I think it is a project worth sharing.

These also make a great Mother's Day gift, so get started soon, or simply enjoy these functional beauties for your own reading delight.


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