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Monday, April 19, 2010

Last week, we took a trip to our local nursery. I looked around for standard houseplants, but everything was so much more expensive than I remember it being 2 years ago. So, as we were reluctantly browsing, we came across the Cacti family. I fell in love with the succulent selections available and the decent prices. My preschooler helped decide which varieties were the most attractive and lively. Each one is unique in its own way, which is extremely intriguing to each of my boys, and to me, for that matter.

We have yet to find a thrifty treasure in which to plant these beauties. 

I couldn't believe these cacti when I saw them. There were about 20 of them grouped together in these 2 colors, yellow, and magenta. It was half a rainbow of psychodelic cacti. Apparently, they are grafted together. It is called a gymnocalycium mihanovichii (Hibotan).

This aeonium "catlin hybrid" was just so lovely. It reminds me of a lotus.

This one is our golden ball. It is nearly soft and furry to the touch.

This one feels so unearthy, as if I have travelled to another planet to gaze at their vegetation. This aloinopsis schoonesii seems so finger-like and porous. We love it.

In addition to touching the cacti and looking at them, Jared (my preschooler) wanted to draw a few of them in his botany journal to further the cacti experience. Who knew that cacti could be so intriguing.


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