: Wool Felt 'N' Buttons Matching Game :

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Time to make an easy game for the little ones to do! There is nothing like a good old-fashioned memory game for kids. Challenging and fun! Easy and quick to make!

I originally got this idea from Andiland, but modified it slightly to my own liking. We had all these cute little buttons, but I didn't know what to use them all for. So, this project was a great way to effectively use them so that the kids would thoroughly enjoy them: trains, rockets, ladybugs, etc...


2 colors of wool felt
Squiggly scissors (regular will do, too)
An assortment of buttons
Tool for measuring
Embroidery Thread


  1. Measure 24 2-inch squares on one sheet of felt.

  2. Line it up with your other color and pin each square to the other felt sheet.

  3. Now, cut with your fun squiggly scissors on all sides. You should now have 24 pinned squares.

  4. One at a time, unpin each square, sew a button to the center of your chosen color, then sew the 2 pieces together around the edge. Simple as that!

These can be done in a bigger size, with synthetic felt, with any sort of buttons, in a bigger or smaller set than 24..... The possibilities will be up to you. Enjoy creating this game and I hope your young ones enjoy playing with these 3-dimensional matching game pieces.


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